TESTIMONIAL – I am John, i’m 53 and a GP. I have used personal training on and off for several years and have been with Jez for @ 10 months.

I started with him after a period of injury during which I’d gained weight, lost fitness and had somewhat fallen out with exercise.

My goals were to lose weight, regain fitness for my key sports (squash, golf and skiing) and to develop core strength to minimise risk of more injury.

To date I have achieved just under 2 stones in weight loss. I am playing my sports at least 3 times weekly and feel much fitter.

Jez’s style has been ideal for me. He makes the sessions very varied and can explain the technical reasons behind all the exercises really well so I can understand what I am achieving. He has been able to adapt the exercises to cater for minor injuries so that impetus is never lost. Basically it is fun. He doesn’t waste the hour watching me do cardio that I can do on my own. I have learnt a lot of useful exercises and stretches.